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Search committee training

As part of the training, we will use the film “Interrupting Bias in the Faculty Search Process."

"Recruiting diverse faculty is a multi-step process where evaluation plays a major role. We assume that all candidates will be impartially evaluated on their abilities and potential. However, evaluation processes often underestimate the qualifications of historically underrepresented groups in higher education. By providing opportunities for search committee skill-building, faculty will be better equipped to identify subtle biases and engage their colleagues on assumptions of competence and fit." (from here)

This film, when paired with the facilitation materials found here, uses the case study method to help faculty members uncover unconscious discrimination in evaluation processes. Audiences become change agents, able to interrupt biases and hold colleagues accountable in transformational ways. The two endings included in the film demonstrate the impact of change agents.

  • Standard Presentation - (recommended) A 90 minute session that covers all key concepts, research on bias, common shortcuts, and participant activities.
  • Facilitation Guidelines - This train-the-trainer guide provides the tools and direction needed to successfully facilitate the film with colleagues at your institution.
  • Handouts
  • Shortened Presentation - Short on time? This shorter version of the standard presentation covers the basic, key concepts in under an hour.

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