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AHLSS Visiting Artists Series


In 2020-21 academic year this program is on hold


The Visiting Artists Series at Stony Brook consists of two awards given out annually through the 2022-23 academic year. The funds are targeted toward bringing practicing artists to campus to work with students and faculty. These visiting residencies will be for a minimum of 3-5 days and involve a single artist or a group of artists. The residencies will include such activities as: a) workshops, master classes, or other such group activities designed for students, and b) one or more events focused on the artist’s work designed for university and community audiences.  The Visiting Artist Series is intended to benefit students and faculty working in the arts directly, but should be of interest to other members of the university and broader community, who may participate.

Two types of Visiting Artist grants are available: one for early career artists (up to $15,000) and a second for  established artists (up to $20,000) per academic year. Both grants will be available during the four upcoming consecutive academic years beginning in 2020-21.

Awards will be made with State funds, and expenditures must follow State rules. Department representatives and departmental staff responsible for making arrangements for visiting artist events are encouraged to discuss expenditures with Mary LaCorte, Assistant Director of Contracts and Documents, (631) 632-9849 before arrangements are made to clarify rules for use. Purchases for supplies > $2,500 require evidence of price reasonableness or three quotes as described at:,SuppliesandServices

The recommended method of payment to performers is as an independent contractor after the event. Guidelines for payment of independent contractors can be found at:

If payment as an independent contractor is not possible, awardees must contact Mary La Corte by July 1, 2020 to discuss possible alternatives. Awardees should be aware that NYS funds cannot be used to prepay for services.

Application Procedures

Proposals may be submitted by the following departments or programs:

Art, English, Music, Writing and Rhetoric, Southampton Arts

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Rationale:   This should indicate the artist or group and give a clear indication of the nature of the person’s/group’s artistic work and their standing in national and international circles. Please also indicate how the proposed artists will enhance the profile of the arts at Stony Brook.
  2. Schedule of activities:   indicate how the artists will interact with students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty and the kinds of public events that are planned. Be as specific as possible about the events and their timing
  3. Budget: please indicate how the funds will be spent, including what will be used for transportation and lodging, honoraria, materials, and any hospitality events planned (receptions, dinners, etc.). If the residency will cost more than the upper limit, identify from where the funds will derived.
  4. Lead faculty: While one faculty member will serve as the lead author of the proposal, please indicate other faculty who will participate and include how each will be contributing to making the residency successful.
  5. Endorsement of the chair/director:  the chair of the department or program presenting the proposal must submit an endorsement of the project that indicate the following: how the proposal enhances the mission of the department/program and comments on the feasibility of the proposed events within existing departmental/programmatic restraints .
Selection Committee

The chair/director of each department/program will appoint a representative to serve on the committee. The chair/director may not serve on the selection committee. Alan Inkles, Director of the Staller Center for the Arts will chair the selection committee.

Chairs should submit names of representatives if there are any changes from the 2019-20 committee below via email to Alan Inkles no later than Friday, February 7, 2020

Deadline for submission of applications for the 2020-21 Visiting Artist Grants is Friday, April 3, 2020 .

The committee will meet in mid April and decisions for the 2020-21 grants will be rendered no later than May 2, 2020 .

Rotation of the grant

Once a department/program receives a grant, it will not be eligible for another grant for two years, unless there are no proposals from the other departments. The selection committee will be charged with assuring that the grants are equally distributed amongst the departments/programs, provided a viable proposal is submitted.

Deadline for submission of applications for a 2020-21 Visiting Artists grant is: April 3, 2020
Submission Guidelines

The entire proposal must be submitted by 5 pm, April 3, 2020 to:

The chair/director of the department/program should compile all documents (rationale, schedule of activities, budget, participating faculty, and endorsement letter) and send them to the email above by the deadline.

The Selection Committee is:

  • Alan Inkles, Chair, Staller Center for the Arts
  • Michael  Rubinstein, English
  • Ian Alan Paul, Art
  • Thomas  Tousey, Writing and Rhetoric
  • Matthew Barnson, Music
  • Lou Ann  Walker, Southampton Arts

If you have any further questions, please contact Alan Inkles, Director of the Staller Center for the Arts, at