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Recent Awards

  • Chao Chen

    Chao Chen

    2022, CAREER

  • Zhenhua Liu

    Zhenhua Liu

    2021, CAREER

  • Eszter Boros

    Eszter Boros

    2020, CAREER

  • Melanie Chiu

    Melanie Chiu

    2020, CAREER

  • Nick Nikiforakis

    Nick Nikiforakis

    2020, CAREER

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Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER)

Name Department Year
Chao Chen Biomedical Informatics 2022
Zhenhua Liu Applied Mathematics and Statistics 2021
Clinton Rubin Biomedical Engineering 1986
Jon P. Longtin Mechanical Engineering 1997
Eszter Boros Chemistry 2020
Melanie Chiu Chemistry 2020
Ming-Yu Ngai Chemistry 2019
Yu-chen Karen Chen-Wiegart Materials Science and Chemical Engineering 2018
Jarrod French Chemistry/ Biochemistry and Cell Biology 2018
Anshul Gandhi Computer Science 2018
Thomas Graf Linguistics 2018
Robert Patro Computer Science 2018
Michalis Polychronakis Computer Science 2018
Romeil Sandhu Biomedical Informatics 2018
Ya Wang Mechanical Engineering 2018
Nick Nikiforakis Computer Science 2020
Jennifer Cano Physics and Astronomy 2019
Hyemi Kim SoMAS 2017
Rezal Chowdhury Computer Science 2016
Fan Ye Electrical and Computer Engineering 2017
Joanna Kiryluk Physics and Astronomy 2016
Michael Ferdman Computer Science 2015
Leman Akoglu Computer Science 2014
Jie Yu Civil Engineering 2013
Fusheng Wang Bioinformatics 2014
Kevin Czaplinski Biochemistry and Cell Biology 2013
Phillipa Gill Computer Science 2014
Qing (Cindy) Chang Mechanical Engineering 2014
Heather Lynch Ecology and Evolution 2013
Tzicker Chiueh Computer Science 1995
Daniel Raleigh Chemistry 1996
William Holt Geosciences 1996
Nicole Sampson Chemistry 1996
Minghua Zhang SoMAS 1996
Marie Huffman Linguistics 1997
Hong Qin Computer Science 1997
Terrance Swift Computer Science 1997
C. R. Ramakrishnan Computer Science 1999
Scott Stoller Computer Science 1999
Hui Zhang Mechanical Engineering 1999
Nancy Goroff Chemistry 2000
Klaus Mueller Computer Science 2000
Lori Scarlatos Technology & Society 2000
Helmut Strey Biomedical Engineering 2000
Lili Zheng Mechanical Engineering 2000
Radu Grosu Computer Science 2002
A. Wali Karzai Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2002
Robert Kukta Mechanical Engineering 2002
Erez Zadok Computer Science 2002
Samir Das Computer Science 2003
Robert Grubbs Chemistry 2003
Alper Yildirim Applied Math and Statistics (left SB) 2003
Alexandre G. Abanov Physics and Astronomy 2004
Henry White Materials Science & Engineering (left SB) 2004
Stanislaus Wong Chemistry 2004
Daniel Attinger Mechanical Engineering (now at Columbia University) 2005
Andrew Gouldstone Materials Science & Engineering (left SB) 2005
Xianfeng Gu Computer Science 2005
Jin Wang Chemistry 2005
T. A. Venkatesh Materials Science & Engineering 2006
Jie Gao Computer Science 2007
Xin Wang Electrical & Computer Engineering 2007
Isaac Carrico Chemistry 2009
Daniel Knopf SoMAS 2009
Tadanori Koga Materials Science & Engineering 2009
Radu Sion Computer Science 2009
Milutin Stanacevic Electrical Engineering 2009
Jason Starr Mathematics 2009
Aleksey Zinger Mathematics 2009
Monica Fernandez-Bugallo Electrical Engineering 2010
Lilianne Mujica-Parodi Biomedical Engineering 2010
Tamara Berg Computer Science 2011
Matthew Dawber Physics and Astronomy 2011
Peter Khalifah Chemistry 2011
Patrick Meade Institute for Theoretical Physics 2011
Luis Ortiz Computer Science 2011
Oscar Lopez-Pamies Mechanical Engineering (Now at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) 2011
Thomas Cubaud Mechanical Engineering 2012
Timothy Glotch Geosciences 2012
Donald Porter Computer Science 2012
Dmitri Tsybychev Physics 2012
Radu Laza Mathematics 2013
Alexander Orlov Materials Science & Engineering 2013
Jonathan Rudick Chemistry 2013
Emre Salman Electrical and Computer Engineering 2013

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Presidential Young Investigator Award (PYI)

Name Department Year
Joseph S. B. Mitchell Applied Mathematics and Statistics 1988
Vladimir Goldman Physics and Astromony 1989
Scott McClennan Geosciences 1989
Clinton Rubin Biomedical Engineering 1987
Frank J. Webster Chemistry 1991
Daniel Strongin Chemistry 1991
Robert Lazarsfeld Mathematics 1985

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Presidential Faculty Fellows Program (PFF)

Name Department Year
Chris Jacobsen Physics and Astromony 1992

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Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Name Department Agency Year
Joanna Kiryluk Physics and Astronomy 2019
Sandeep Mallipattu Medicine 2019
Rouven Essig Institute for Theoretical Physics DOE 2012
Lilianne R. Mujica-Parodi Biomedical Engineering NSF 2010
Alfredo Fontanini Neurobiology and Behavior DHHS/NIH 2009
Elizabeth Boon Chemistry DOD 2008
A. Deanne Rogers Geosciences NASA 2008
Michael Zingale Physics and Astronomy DOE 2006
Richard Z. Lin Medicine/Hematology VA 2002
Jon P. Longtin Mechanical Engineering NSF 1997

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Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring Program (PAESMEM)

Name Department Year
R. David Bynum Biochemistry 2003
David Ferguson Technology & Society 1997

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