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Chancellor's Awards

Excellence in Faculty Service

Name Year Department Title
Todd Griffin 2022 Dept of Obstetrics & Gynecology Chair and Clinical Professor
Madeline Turan 2022 European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Lecturer
Kevin Moriarty 2022 Technology and Society Assistant Professor of Practice
Jennifer Albanese 2021 Writing Program Lecturer
Celia Marshik 2021 English Professor
Markus Seeliger 2021 Pharmacological Sciences Associate Professor
Ghanashyam Sharma 2021 Writing Program Associate Professor
Mary Jo Bona 2020 Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Professor
M. Ete Chan-Lo 2020 Biomedical Engineering Research Assistant Professor
Marie Huffman 2020 Linguistics Associate Professor
Hoi-Chung Leung 2020 Psychology Professor
Marcia Simon 2020 Oral Biology and Pathology Professor
Michael Dudley 2019 Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Professor
Eugene Hammond 2019 Writing & Rhetoric Professor
Sheri Levy 2019 Psychology Professor
Joanne Davila 2018 Psychology Professor
Wendy Tang 2017 Electrical and Computer Engineering Associate Professor
Laszlo Mihaly 2017 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Bonita London-Thompson 2017 Psychology Associate Professor
Paul Fisher 2017 Pharmacological Sciences Professor
Richard Gerrig 2016 Psychology Professor
Lori Repetti 2016 Linguistics Professor
Styliani-Anna Tsirka 2016 Pharmacology Professor
J. Peter Gergen 2015 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Professor
Gary Mar 2015 Philosophy Associate Professor
Anne Moyer 2015 Psychology Associate Professor
Harvard Lyman 2014 Biochemistry Associate Professor
John Robinson 2014 Psychology Professor
Peter J. Manning 2013 English Professor
Mary D. Frame 2013 Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor
Lisa Benz Scott 2012 School of Health Technology and Management Associate Professor
Leo Bachmair 2008 Computer Science Professor
Susan Scheckel 2008 English Associate Professor
Dennis K. Galanakis 2007 Pathology Associate Professor
Robert Ingalis Parker 2005 Pediatrics Professor, Director of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Scott Sutherland 2005 Mathematics Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
R. David Bynum 2004 Biochemistry and Cell Biology Professor
Mark C. Henry 2004 Emergency Medicine Professor and Chair
Judith Irene Lochhead 2004 Music Professor

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Excellence in Librarianship

Name Year Department Title
Jessica Koos 2022 HSC Library Health Sciences Librarian
Chris Kretz 2021 Southampton Library Sr. Assistant Librarian
Jamie Saragossi 2021 HS Library Sr. Assistant Librarian
Yuet Clara Tran 2020 Science and Engineering Library Associate Librarian
Darren Chase 2018 University Libraries Associate Librarian
Jennifer DeVito 2018 University Libraries Head of Access Services/Assistant Librarian
Dana Antonucci-Durgan 2010 Chemistry Library Senior Assistant Librarian
Colleen M. Kenefick 2010 Health Sciences Library Librarian and Director of Center for Healthcare Informatics Education
Aimée L. deChambeau 2009 Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library Associate Librarian
F. Jason Torre 2007 Library-University Archives/Special Collections University Archivist
Kristen J. Nyitray 2005 Melville Memorial Library Head of Special Collections and University Archives
Janet Hyunju Clarke 2003 Melville Memorial Library Coordinator of Library Instruction
Gisele Glover 2002 Music Library Head of the Music Library
Julitta Jo 1991 Serials - Health Sciences Library
Brenda Coven 1991 Reference - Melville Memorial Library
Mitsuki Collver 1989 Serials - Melville Memorial Library
David Allen 1989 Melville Memorial Library
Donna Albertus 1990 Computer Science Library
Antonija Prelec 1996 Health Sciences Library
Christine King 1996 Reference - Melville Memorial Library
Judith Kaufman 1979 Melville Memorial Library
Evert Volkersz 1978 Melville Memorial Library
Arlee May 1990 Health Sciences Library
Min-Huei Lu 1992 Melville Memorial Library
Daniel Kinney 1992 Cataloging - Melville Memorial Library
Sherry Chang 1997 University Libraries

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Excellence in Scholarship and Creative Activities

Name Year Department Title
Erez Zadok 2022 Computer Science Professor
Ismail Zahed 2022 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Jin Wang 2022 Chemistry Professor
Lisa Diedrich 2022 Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Professor and Chair
Jeffrey Heinz 2022 Linguistics Professor
Leonie Huddy 2021 Political Science Professor
Carlos Simmerling 2020 Laufer Center Professor
Jacobus Verbaarschot 2020 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Robert Rizzo 2019 Applied Mathematics and Statistics Professor
Vladimir Korepin 2019 Institute for Theoretical Physics Professor
Axel Drees 2019 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Abhay Deshpande 2018 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Dimitrios Samaras 2018 Computer Science Associate Professor
Stanislaus Wong 2018 Chemistry Professor
Dmitri Kharzeev 2017 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Ute Moll 2017 Pathology Professor
Warren Siegel 2017 Institute for Theoretical Physics Professor
Alexander M. Orlov 2016 Materials Science and Engineering Associate Professor
Martin Rocek 2016 Institute for Theoretical Physics Professor
Jadranka Skorin-Kapov 2016 College of Business Professor
Thomas Weinacht 2016 Physics and Astronomy Professor
Robert Shrock 2015 CN Yang for Theoretical Physics; Physics & Astronomy Professor
Peter Stephens 2015 Physics & Astronomy Professor
Peter Carravetta 2014 European Languages and Literature Professor
Alfred Scharff Goldhaber 2014 ITP Professor
Chang Kee Jung 2014 Physics and Astronomy Professor
John Shea 2014 Anthropology Professor
Nobuho Nagasawa 2013 Art Associate Professor
Elizabeth Stone 2013 Anthropology Professor
Frederick Grine 2012 Anthropology Professor
Scott Stoller 2012 Computer Science Professor
Klaus Mueller 2011 Computer Science Associate Professor
R. C. Sekar 2011 Computer Science Professor
Yanhong Annie Liu 2010 Computer Science Professor
Scott A. Smolka 2009 Computer Science Professor
Michael Kifer 2008 Computer Science Professor
John B. Parise 2008 Geosciences Professor
I. V. Ramakrishnan 2008 Computer Science Professor
Scott Melin McLennan 2006 Geosciences Professor
David Hicks 2005 Anthropology Professor
Joseph S. B. Mitchell 2005 Applied Mathematics and Statistics Professor
John Smith 2005 C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics Professor and Deputy Director
Donn Welton 2005 Philosophy Professor and Director of Graduate Program
Teng-fong Wong 2003 Geosciences Professor

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Excellence in Teaching

Name Year Department
Kaveh Sadigh 2022 Medicine
April Masten 2022 Histrory
Susan Larson 2022 Anatomical Sciences
Jiwon Hwang 2022 Asian and Asian American Studies
Douglas Pfeiffer 2022 English
J. Elyse Graham 2021 English
Sarah Jourdain 2021 European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Kevin McDonnell 2021 Computer Science
Loreana Salcedo-Watson 2021 Art
Eriko Sato 2021 Asian and Asian American Studies
Camille Abbruscato 2020 College of Business
Michelle Ballan 2020 School of Social Welfare
Steven Glynn 2020 Biochemistry
Sohl Lee 2020 Art
Marci Lobel 2020 Psychology
Brenda Anderson 2019 Psychology
Paul Fodor 2019 Computer Science
Edwards Luk 2019 Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Sharon Pochron 2018 SoMAS
Monica Bugallo 2017 Electrical and Computer Engineering
John Bailyn 2016 Linguistics
Yuefan Deng 2016 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Edward Feldman 2016 Behavioral Medicine
Angela M. Kelly 2016 Physics and Astronomy, Science Education Program
Michael Bender 2015 Computer Science
Andrew Wackett 2015 Dept of Emergency Medicine; Office of the Dean SOM
Jaymie Meliker 2014 Preventive Medicine/Public Health
Nancy Hollingsworth 2014 Biochemistry
Terry M. Button 2013 Radiology
Patricia A. Dunn 2013 English
Ian Roxborough 2013 Sociology
Eduardo Mendieta 2013 Philosophy
Stanley Alexander 1994 Children's Dentristry
Harriet R. Allentuch 1990 French and Italian
Peter Gregory Angelo 1998 Physical Education
Werner Angress 1975 History
Esther Arkin 2008 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Michael Barnhart 1985 History
Diane Barthel 1989 Sociology
Samuel Berr 1974 Germanic and Slavic Languages
Christina Y. Bethin 1983 Germanic and Slavic Languages
Ora Bouey 1980 Nursing
Peter Brink 1993 Physiology and Biophysics
David Bynum 1988 Microbiology
Albert Carlson 1983 Neurobiology and Behavior
T. Owen Carroll 1974 W. Averell Harriman College
Latha Chandran 2005 Pediatrics
Lou Charnon-Deutsch 1990 Hispanic Languages
Hugh G. Cleland 1979 History
Stephen Cole 1992 Sociology
William F. Collins 1997 Neurobiology and Behavior
Edward Czerwinski 1974 Germanic and Slavic Languages
William Dawes 1974 Economics
Roman De la Campa 1998 Hispanic Languages
M. Elayne DeSimone 2002 School of Nursing
Bernard Dudock 1974 Biochemistry
Mary Anne Dumas 1996 School of Nursing
Barbara Elling 1973 Germanic and Slavic Languages
Frank Erk 1982 Biochemistry
Vera K. Farris 1973 Pathology
Kenneth A. Feldman 1995 Sociology
David L. Ferguson 1992 Technology and Society
Fred Ferguson 1993 Children's Dentistry
Frank W. Fowler 1995 Chemistry
Lenore Frank 1993 Mathematics
Nancy Franklin 1995 Psychology
James Frauenthal 1978 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Douglas Futuyma 1974 Ecology and Evolution
Jonathan Garlick 2002 Oral Biology and Pathology
Homer Goldberg 1973 English
Robert Goldenberg 1995 Comparative Studies
Theodore D. Goldfarb 1979 Chemistry
Perry Goldstein 1997 Music
Erich Goode 1997 Sociology
Norman Goodman 1976 Sociology
Patrick Grimm 1988 Philosophy
Albert Haim 1981 Chemistry
Gary Halada 2012 Materials Science and Engineering
Robert Harvey 1996 French and Italian
George Hechtel 1982 Ecology and Evolution
Thomas Hemmick 1996 Physics
Shi Ming Hu 1989 Social Sciences
Clifford Huffman 1993 English
Nilufer Isvan 1996 Sociology
William Jungers 2007 Anatomical Sciences
Marjorie Kandel 1996 Chemistry
Phillip B. Kane 1992 Pathology
Imin Kao 2011 Mechanical Engineering
Eugene Katz 1975 Biology
Dorit Kaufman 2002 Linguisitics
Robert Kerber 1986 Chemistry
Thomas Kerth 1992 Germanic and Slavic Languages
Carole Kessner 1998 Comparative Studies
Janos Kirz 1976 Physics
Kathryn Koshansky 1989 Physical Education
Joan Kuchner 2003 SSI
Paul G. Kumpel 1990 Mathematics
Thomas Kuo 2001 Physics and Astronomy
Roy Lacey 1998 Chemistry
Gallya Lahav 2010 Political Science
Richard Larson 1998 Linguistics
Joseph W. Lauher 1990 Chemistry
Craig Lehmann 1986 Medical Technology
Jeffrey Leviton 1997 Ecology and Evolution
Jonathan Levy 1991 Theatre Arts
Thomas T. Liao 1993 Technology and Society
W. Brent Lindquist 2002 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Patricia Long 2003 School of Nursing
Harvard Lyman 1991 Cellular and Developmental Biology
Gary Mar 1993 Philosophy
Harold Metcalf 1974 Physics
Laszlo Mihaly 2003 Physics and Astronomy
Clyde Lee Miller 1980 Philosophy
Frederick Miller 1990 Pathology
Joseph S.B. Mitchell 1996 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Herbert R. Muether 1978 Physics
Frank Myers 2006 Political Science
Thomas Neumiller 1993 Theatre Arts
Paul Newlin 1985 English
Stacy Olster 1988 English
Sandy Petrey 2006 Comparative Studies
Rahman Pourmand 2008 Neurology
Mary Rawlinson 1994 Philosophy
Sardar Ali Rhan 1995 Urology
Elizabet Rigg 1975 French and Italian
Louis W. Ripa 1995 Jr. Children's Dentistry
John Robinson 2003 Psychology
Patricia Roos 1986 Sociology
Gregory Ruf 2011 Asian and Asian-American Studies
Raghupathy Sarma 1997 Biochemistry
Howard Scarrow 1987 Political Science
Robert Schneider 2002 Chemistry
Michael Schwartz 1975 Sociology
Kenneth Short 1985 Electrical Engineering
Kathleen Shurpin 1999 School of Nursing
Hugh Silverman 1977 Philosophy
Gary A. Simon 1979 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Steven Skiena 2000 Computer Science
Michael Sprinkler 1999 Comparative Literature
Gene Sprouse 1999 Physics and Astronomy
Jack Sterm 1999 Anatomical Sciences
Jane Sugarman 1995 Music
Amy Yopp Sullivan 1999 Theatre Arts
Mark Swerdloff 1996 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Judith Mark Tanur 1990 Sociology
Joseph Tatenhaus 1976 Political Science
William Taylor 1989 History
James Thomson 2000 Ecology and Evolution
John Thorpe 1973 Mathematics
Alan C. Tucker 1974 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Joseph Tursi 1975 French and Italian
Louise F. Vasvari 1976 Hispanic Languages and Literature
Olufemi Vaughan 1997 Africana Studies
Stephen Vitkun 2007 Anesthesiology
H. Barry Waldman 2001 Dental Medicine/General Dentistry
Peter C. Williams 1978 Health Sciences and Philosophy
Peter Winkler 1977 Music
Erez Zadok 2008 Computer Science
Rose A. Zimbardo 1981 English
Michael Zweig 1991 Economics

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Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct

Name Year Department
Jennifer Lyons Carter 2022 Philosophy
Michele Giua 2022 European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Leslie Marino 2022 European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Patricia Maurides 2022 Art
Jessica Mitchell 2022 School of Social Welfare
Joanne Souza 2022 Biology
Miryam Laifer 2021 European Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Jason Rose 2021 Political Science
Zachary Dowdy 2020 Journalism
Jeffrey Ecklund 2020 Undergrad Biology
Catherine Cammarata 2018 Theatre Arts
Nancee Moes 2018 Theatre Arts
William Bernhard 2017 Mathematics
Margot Whittemore Palermo 2017 College of Business

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Excellence in Classified Service

Name Year Department Title
Kimberly Hendrickson 2021 Student Health Services Nurse 2
Tammy Lombardi 2021 Custodial Services Cleaner
Mary Sicari 2021 Long Island State Veterans Home Nurse 2
John Lomando 2020 Recycling and Resource Management Recycling Specialist
LaShawne Jones 2020 Student Health Service Administrative Assistant 1
Lorraine Carroll 2020 Center for Excellence in Learning & Teaching Office Assistant 3
Martha Genao 2019 Campus Operations & Maintenance Janitor
James Williams 2019 Information Desk-Lobby Housekeeper
Dianna Berger 2018 Mechanical Engineering Secretary I
Joyce Guglielmo 2018 Career Center Secretary I
Laura Stevenson 2016 Dean's Office, Arts and Sciences Secretary I
Jay Levenson 2016 General Library, Public Service Library Clerk 2
Yadira Fernandez 2016 WC Custodial Services Janitor
Jenille Johnson 2015 Economics Secretary I
Gabe Zahralban 2015 Southampton COM General Mechanic
Dennis Ryan 2015 Campus Utilities Electrician
Diane Pauciullo 2013 Biology
Sharon Worksman 2013 Sociology
Colleen Florsz 2012 Student Health Service Calculations Clerk 2
Lynne Foerster 2012 Asian and Asian American Studies Secretary II
Jeanne Quagliata 2012 Library Director’s Office Calculations Clerk 2
Maureen Pavone 2011 Student Health Service Nurse 2
Katherine Hepp 2011 Campus Planning, Design and Construction Keyboard Specialist 1
Debora Fosta 2011 Career Center Clerk 2
Jennifer Guinn 2010 Dialysis Unit Unit Clerk
Lorraine Lelong 2010 Dean’s Office Secretary I
Lucy Ann Scuria 2010 Conferences and Special Events Secretary I
Philip Gardner 2009 Campus Operations and Maintenance General Mechanic/Roofer
John Scott 2009 Campus Operations and Maintenance Cleaner
Maryanne Vigneaux 2009 University Libraries Director’s Office Secretary I

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Excellence in Professional Service

Name Year Department Title
Amy Milligan 2021 College of Business Assistant Dean
Theresa Spadola 2021 English Staff Assistant
Diana Voss 2021 Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Director of Instructional Resources
John Fogarty 2021 Facilities Design and Construction Director of Facilities Planning
Cynthia Forman 2021 Psychology Staff Associate
Erin Giuliano 2021 Civil Engineering Sr. Staff Assistant
Helen Harrison 2021 Art Staff Associate
Melissa Hogarty 2021 Office of Vice President for Administration Sr Assistant to Vice President
Mark Lang 2021 School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences Sr. Program Analyst
Joan Dickinson 2020 Government Relations Sr. Staff Associate
Diane Englot 2020 General Library Public Service Instructional Support Specialist
Jessica Klare 2020 Honor's College Staff Associate
Jeremy Marchese 2020 University Scholars Staff Associate
Laura Hawryluk 2020 Microbiology and Immunology Staff Associate
Charles Beier 2020 Department of Activities and Facility
Donna Tumminello 2020 Research Administration Stdnt Un Assit Director
Elizabeth-Anne (Libby) Tolson 2020 European Languages Sr. Staff Assistant
Jennifer Green 2020 Integration of Research, Education and Professional Development Sr. Staff Assistant
Janice Barone 2019 Office of the Provost Assistant Provost for Academic Personnel
Dorothy Joy Corbett 2019 EOP Administration Senior Academic Advisor
Jennifer Dellaposta 2019 Dean's Office, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Assistant Dean
Diane Fabel 2019 Center for Biotechnology Project Administrative Officer
Susan Fioto 2019 Campus Residences Senior Staff Associate
Diana Hannan 2019 University Special Events Senior Staff Associate
Edward McFadden 2019 Dean's Office, College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Dean
Sheila Routh 2019 Research Administration Director
Ann-Marie Scheidt 2019 Economic Development Senior Staff Associate
Nikki Barnett 2018 Career Center Staff Assistant
Lois Carter 2018 College of Arts and Sciences Assistant Dean
Kathryn Germana 2018 Computer Science Sr. Staff Assistant
Charles Robbins 2018 Office of the Provost Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education
Mark Wiggins 2018 SoMAS Assoc Fac Prgm Coord
Chandrani Roy 2017 Material Sciences and Engineering Sr. Staff Assistant
Darlene Prowse 2017 Asian and Asian-American Studies Sr. Staff Assistant
Anthony Olivo 2017 Electrical and Computer Engineering Instructional Support Specialist
Karen Kernan 2017 URECA Staff Associate
Kenneth Gladky 2017 Computer Science Associate Director of Computer Services
Elizabeth Gasparino 2017 Institute for Theoretical Physics Staff Associate
Toni Spertzel 2017 Graduate School Assistant Dean
Robert Watson 2017 Pharmacological Sciences University Instructional Specialist
Ginny Clancy 2016 Sustainability Studies Program Coordinator
Kimberly Joy Dixon 2016 Career Center Assistant Director
Nathan Leoce-Schappin 2016 Physics and Astronomy Administrator
Kathryne Piazzola 2016 Office of the Vice President for Research Advancement Specialist
Megan Alberti 2015 Anthropology Senior Staff Assistant
Margaret Hanley 2015 English Staff Assistant
Mary Moran-Luba 2015 Cultural Analysis & Theory Senior Staff Assistant
Hedieh Resciniti 2015 Facilitites Operations SAC & SB Union Student Union Assistant Director
Nina Maung-Gaona 2015 Center for Inclusive Education & Graduate School Assistant Dean
Bushra Butt 2014 Library Insructional Support Specialist
Kathleen Diehl 2014 Accounting Senior Staff Associate
David McAvoy 2014 Transportation Associate Facilities Program Coordinator
Lynn Toscano 2013 University Libraries
Paul L. Siegel 2013 Department of Technology and Society
Lynda Perdomo-Ayala 2013 Pharmacological Sciences
Kathleen Maxheimer 2013 University Libraries
Jan Diskin-Zimmerman 2013
Aida Mezzanotte 2013 International Academic Programs
Patricia Bremer 2012 Sociology Department Administrator
Andrea Lipack 2012 Career Center Associate Director
Ralph Molaro 2012 SBS Electronics Lab Instructional Support Specialist
Alissa Betz 2011 Philosophy Senior Staff Assistant and Assistant to the Chair
Fang Peng 2011 Information Systems/Information Technology Senior Programmer and Analyst
Roland Diehl 2010 Office of the President and Provost Lead Programmer Analyst
Courtney M. Sanfelippo 2010 Athletics Assistant Director
Arlene Skala 2010 Conferences and Special Events Director
Urszula Zalewski 2010 Career Center Senior Career Planning and Development Associate
Bin Zhang 2009 Computer Science Supervising Programmer/Analyst
Ann Jupp 2009 Division of Information Technology Supervising Programmer/Analyst
Germaine Hoynos 2009 Library Director’s Office Assistant Director for Administrative Services
Richard John Gatteau 2008 Academic and Pre-Professional Advising Center Director
Christina Vargas Law 2008 Diversity and Affirmative Action Director
Mary Ann Campisi 2008 Faculty Student Association Student Services Manager
Charles Edwin Pancake 2008 Physics and Astronomy Instructional Specialist & Manager, Electronics Center Laboratory
Kathryn A. Larsen 2007 Accounting Director
David B. Weiner 2007 Library Head, Circulation Services
Ann S. Brody 2006 Office of Conferences and Special Events Interim Director/Associate Director
Janet Masulo 2006 Anthropology Staff Assistant/Assistant to the Chair
Elizabeth Barnum 2005 Graduate School/International Service Assistant Dean for International Studies
Douglas F. Little 2005 University Police Deputy Chief of Police and Emergency Management Coordinator
JoAnn Rosen 2005 University Counselling Center Assistant Director for Consultation and Outreach
Ellen F. Driscoll 2004 Student Health Service Substance Abuse Counsellor
Norman Prusslin 2004 Student Union and Activities Assistant Director
Marianna Savoca 2004 Career Center Director
Mary Ann Short 2003 Professional Education Program Associate Director for Administration
Elizabeth Bosler 2002 Medicine Staff Associate
Kevin Kelly 2002 Faculty Student Association Executive Director
Gigi Lamens 2002 Enrollment and Retention Management Dean of Admissions and Enrollment
Donna Di Donato 2001 Undergraduate Academic Affairs Assistant Dean
Alvin J. Silverstein 2001 Chemistry Director of Chemical Laboratories
Ventryce B. Thomas 2001 Nursing Administration Director of Patient Care Services, Mental Health
Rudolf Schlott 1979 Glass Blower
Raymond Maniuszko 1980 Institutional Research
Jules Elias 1980
Deborah Buchman 1980 Systems Analysis
Gilbert Bowen 1981 Registrar's Office
Philip Doesschate 1981 Computer Center
Ana Torres 1981 Student Affairs
Louis Lenzi 1982
Joan Moos 1983
Donald Marx 1983 Communication Engineering Office
Carmen Gwinner 1983 School of Medicine/Health Science Center
Eleanor Schetlin 1985 Student Affairs
Barbara Woodard 1985 College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Ann Palmer Forkin 1986 Conferences and Special Events
Judith Christ 1986 Physical Education
Alan Inkles 1988 Fine Arts Center
Richard Reeder 1989 Division of Social Sciences
Warren Randall 1989 Undergraduate Studies
Jeri Schoof 1989 Marine Sciences Research Center
Marilyn Goodman 1990 School of Social Welfare
Mary Ann Bernero 1990 Division of Biological Sciences
Carmen Vasquez 1990 Student Union and Activities
Gaetano D'Angelo 1991 Physiology and Biophysics
Clifford Jones 1991 Marine Sciences Research Center
Josephine Thomas 1991 Clinical Immunology/Pathology
Frank Shih 1992 Center for Academic Advising
Jerrold Stein 1992 Campus Residence
Judith Thompson 1992 Sociology
Amelia Salinero 1992 Catalog Department
Maureen Brower 1995 Student Orientation Program
Arthur Shertzer 1995 Traffic Hearing Office
Scott Law 1995 Division of Campus Residences
Diane Godden 1997 Chemistry
Virginia Massaro 1997 Philosophy
Judith Stefano 1997 Cardiothoracic Surgery
Donna Barrington-Stotsky 1999 Chemsitry
Catherine Rehman 1999 Bursar's Office
George Rannazzi 1999 School of Nursing and Social Welfare

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