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Student Success

Stony Brook University is committed to supporting the academic achievements of our students.

Enrollment and Retention Management focuses on ensuring access to a top quality higher education for students from diverse backgrounds. However our desire to provide access is built upon a guiding principle - that is - to foster student success.

Through partnerships with faculty and staff from across the University, we work diligently to provide students with the resources and skills they need to accomplish their goals. While providing support, we also encourage our students to challenge themselves along their scholastic journeys and be active participants in the academic planning process.


    • spacerSeveral ERM staff members currently serve on the University's Academic Success Team

    • We provide financial support in the form of merit scholarships, federal and state grants, loans, and work-study opportunities that enable college access, progression and degree completion

    • ERM helps identify students who are at-risk by performing first-year retention and attrition studies. This research enables our staff to work with partner offices to ensure that all students have access to advising and support services which will enable to them to succeed 


  • Through leadership of a Project 50 Forward sub-committee, ERM has supported the development of:
    1. A degree audit system in PeopleSoft, enabling students to track their own degree progress
    2. An online transfer articulation system, which enables entering transfers students to receive immediate information about their course equivalencies 

  • We deploy, analyze, and assess student satisfaction surveys to ensure that our programs are meeting the educational needs of our students

  • ERM staff members volunteer at Orientation events and move-in weekend activities, and instruct first-year seminars to support the transition of our students to the University 

  • We support student groups such as the Out-of-State Student Association which provide segments of new students a support network and peer mentorship