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Strategic Goals

Improve Quality and Student Success

Increase high quality student enrollments and enhance student success through:

  • The recruitment of high quality students as measured by performance in high school, community college, prestigious academic or research competitions, and standardized test scores

  • The development of new student-focused intervention programs and systems (proactive and reactive) designed to help reduce the number of students on first-semester warning, and increase 4 and 6 year graduation rates

  • Developing technology designed to provide information and promote success through analysis of success indicators both in and beyond the classroom

  • Expanding the definition of quality to include non-traditional measures including life experiences, interests and accomplishments

  • The expansion of honors outreach, and promotion and support of enhanced learning opportunities

Increase Diversity

Increase the diversity of our students from varied economic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds, and ensure diversity of academic interests through:

  • The creation of new recruitment channels and programs to target and attract qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds and with a broad array of academic interests

  • Promotion of Stony Brook's global reach and world-renowned education

  • The development of new funding streams to keep education accessible and affordable

  • Optimizing available resources to recognize both merit and financial need for deserving students

Enhance Service

Increase student satisfaction from recruitment to graduation through:

  • Developing seamless technology accelerators to enhance student services

  • Providing additional electronic one-stop service points and enhanced mobile access

  • Providing value-added programs to our constituents to improve college-going rates for students from all backgrounds, regardless of if they choose to attend Stony Brook

  • Assessing programs, services and offerings to ensure optimum delivery and enhanced student outcomes

  • Developing two-way communication tools to assist students meet their goals