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Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor

Tenure track faculty members must be evaluated for tenure (continuing appointment) no later than their  12th semester of full time service at Stony Brook. 

Deadlines for submission of files for tenure/promotion to Associate Professor to the Dean’s Office:

  • January 15 for faculty on academic year appointments (start date Fall semester)
  • May 15 for faculty on calendar year appointments (start date Spring semester)

Preparation of the tenure file begins well before these deadlines (see also Timeline for Junior Faculty).  Some milestones:

  • Peer teaching observation: generally, semesters 5 and 9 or 10
  • Solicitation of letters from external reviewers: semester 10. 

Instructions on preparing tenure/promotion files are found at the links below:

PTC guidelines

Bio file
Announcement of Candidacy
External Reviewer Solicitation Letter
External Reviewer Information (Conflict of Interest) Form
Release form 

PTC File Checklists
PTC Bio File Checklist
PTC Gen Eval Checklist
PTC Spec Eval Checklist

PTC Tabs Templates
Bio. File Tab Template
Gen. Eval File Tab Template
Spec. Eval. File Tab Template

Electronic formatting: The members of the CAS Promotion and Tenure Committee now read only efiles. The department should submit these files to the following email account:   

Effective 5 December 2014, electronic files must be formatted in one of two ways:
      1. PDF Portfolios.  There should be three distinct digital files:  Biographical File, General Evaluative File, and Special Evaluative File.  Within each portfolio, individual folders must be clearly labeled, using the same system as used in the hard copy files.
      2. PDF Documents.  There should be three distinct digital files: Biographical File, General Evaluative File, and Special Evaluative File.   Each file must be bookmarked, using the same system as used in the hard copy files.  If the efiles are not formatted according to these guidelines, the PTC will return the file to the department/program/school for reformatting. Faculty and staff requiring assistance with preparing PDF portfolios or bookmarking PDF files should contact DoIT:

Eligibility to vote   (PTC Guidelines 2.5.1) :

    • on promotion to Associate Professor:    All department members who hold Associate or Full Professor rank.
    • on tenure (for external candidates being appointed at rank of Associate Professor): All department members with tenure (continuing appointment).